• About

    This course is part 2 of Santa Barbara SELPA’s Behavior Aide Certificate program. This course is equivalent to 16 hours of face to face training. Topics covered will include advanced concepts in Applied Behavior Analysis, transitioning between activities, data collection, and proactive and reactive models of support planning.
  • Training Hours


    Equivalent to 16 hours of classroom time

    How are classroom hours calculated?

  • Method of Delivery

    Online, self paced, competency tested course

  • Program Requirements

    1. You must have completed the Level 1 certificate provided by the Santa Barbara SELPA
    2. You must visit all content and pass all quizzes at a 90% level or greater
  • Lesson Topics

    Content Areas covered in the Behavior Aide Level 2 Assessment:

    1. Content Areas covered in the Behavior Aide Level 2 certificate:
    2. Applied Behavior Analysis: Concepts 3
    3. Applied Behavior Analysis: Concepts 5
    4. Transitioning Between Activities
    5. Data collection
    6. Proactive and Reactive Models of Behavior Support
    7. Proactive vs Reactive Behavior Support Planning: Concepts
  • Eligibility Requirements

    1. I can verify that I am at least 18 years old.
    2. I have completed the SB-SELPA Level 1 training
    3. I agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions
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