• About

    This course is an add-on to both BCBA Course 2 and 3 (3rd Task Edition through CoAHS). The purpose of this add-on course is to provide students who took the 3rd Task Edition courses 2 and 3 with the additional information provided in the 4th Task Edition BCBA Course 2 and 4th Task Edition Course 3. This add-on course ensures that your coursework qualifies under BACB requirements for the certification exam in 2015 and beyond. This course is 15 hours long and covers 10 hours of "Implementation, Management, and Supervision" and 5 hours of "Intervention and Behavior Change Considerations."

    If you are a current Brandman BCBA student and need this course, please contact Carolyn Baham at cbaham@coahs-edu.org before enrolling. 
  • Method of Delivery

    Online, self paced, competency tested course

  • Program Requirements

    Method of Evaluation: Students must complete all lessons for each course and attain 90% or higher average on probes (Quizzes), exams, and online activities.  “Probes” are based upon content of the prior few classes and are not inclusive of material in other areas. 

    Class Policies:  Students are required to participate in the online courses and complete all activities and quizzes based on the 90% or higher performance criterion.  A Course Certificate will be given contingent upon 80% average mastery of exams, compliance to attendance policy, and full payment of all tuition and/or fees. 

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