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    We are committed to making the BCBA Series as accessible as possible, so we have created a solution that gives you access to the required texts and the coursework in one affordable package.

    A one time tuition of $6100 will get you;

    1. Access to all six individual BCBA courses
    2. Free access to our Exam Preparation materials once coursework and exercises are complete
    3. All main required text books delivered directly to you, including:
    • Cooper, Heron & Heward.  (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Edition)
    • Mayer, Sulzer-Azaroff, & Wallace. (2014). Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change (3rd Edition)
    • O'Neil, R.E. & Albin, R.W. (2014). Functional Assessment and Program Development for Problem Behavior: A Practical Handbook
    • Bailey & Burch (2016). Ethics for Behavior Analysts (3rd Edition)
  • Instructions

    Getting started is simple. 

    1. Click on "Sign Up & Enroll"
    2. On the next page, complete the "Your Information" section
    3. Accept the Eligability terms
    4. Pay your tuition using PayPal using:
    • your PayPal account (if you have one)
    • a credit card
    • "Bill Me Later" option that PayPal offers. Please note: The Bill Me Later feature is an arrangement between you and PayPal and not CoAHS.

    Once tuition is paid, you will automatically be enrolled in each of the six required BCBA courses.

    Once we receive notification that tuition has been completed, we will send out your new computer and texts. It will take approximately 5 days for these to be deliverd to the address you provide in the "Your Information" section.

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