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     Autism Services Practitioner (ASP) Certificate Program                    


    The Autism Services Practitioner Certificate Program is pre-approved by the QABA Credentialing Board for meeting the 188 hours of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism coursework and meets the QASP training requirements. This certificate program includes the required supervision training to earn the QASP-S endorsement upon successful completion of the QASP examination. This Certificate Program includes 45 hours of Ethics and Ethical issues related to providing ABA Treatment to individuals diagnosed Autism and related disorders. This certificate program also meets the Behavior Management Assistant (BMA) requirements for California Regional Centers for 188 hours of graduate ABA coursework.


    Base Price: $1500.00


    Please contact Dr. Carolyn Baham for additional discounts and bulk rates and subscription options for affordable cost saving monthly rates



     Who do I contact about the program?                                                   


    Dr. Carolyn Baham

    Program Director


    College of Applied Human Services, Innovative Learning LLC



    Direct Line: 805-691-9658

  • Training Hours

    Equivalent to 188 hours of classroom time

    How are classroom hours calculated?

  • Method of Delivery

    Online, self paced, competency tested course

  • Eligibility Requirements

    •    Must be at least 18 yrs old

    •    Fully complete the "Your Information" section

    •    Must have a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent

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