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    PLEASE NOTE:   If you are not enrolled in the 4th Edition Task List Course sequence then you will be unable to receive credit for the independent supervised fieldwork.

    NEVADA RESIDENTS: Students who live in Nevada are not eligible to enroll as we do not have a supervisor licensed in Nevada.

    Enrollment is now open to students who have registered or are enrolled in the BCBA® Fourth Edition Task List 6 Course Sequence and are looking to meet the experience requirements required by the BACB® to be eligible to sit for the BCBA® examination.  This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series allows a student to gain all of the required experience requirements in a 12 month period. This course is one of four in the series. Students must complete four of these 13-week sessions to complete fieldwork requirements. This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 course sequence will provide the student with the 75 hours of supervision for the 1500 hours which is at a maximum of 30 hours of applied work per week.

    Enrollment:  Limit is 20 students

    Enrollment Opens: Registration is now open

    Length of Course:  Each course runs approximately 13 weeks

    Supervision Model: Two week cycles: Group supervision one week and individual supervision the second week. Schedule will be posted once enrollment is confirmed.  Individual Supervision will vary depending on each individual’s scheduled time with supervisor.

    Fieldwork Placement:  If student does not currently have a job placement of up to 30 hours then we will work with our provider network to facilitate an internship.  

    This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series meets the requirements for:

    • SUPERVISED INDEPENDENT FIELDWORK:  Student works 30 hours per week; supervision occurs at least every 2 weeks for 5% of the total number of hours
    • This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is taken for graduate quarter credit through the College of Applied Human Services and may be used to qualify for BCBA or BCABA exams for the required 1500 Independent Fieldwork requirement.
    • This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is offered only to students who have begun the coursework required to meet BACB coursework requirements.
    • This course requires students to engage in activities that focus on learning new behavior analytic skills related to the BACB Fourth Edition Task List and adhere to the dimensions of applied behavior analysis identified by Baer, Wolf, and Risley (JABA, 1968).
    • This course exposes students to multiple, appropriate clients to whom they are not related.
    • The number of hours of experience gained in this Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is 1500 hours
    • This Accelerated Independent Supervised Fieldwork 4 course series counts for 1500 hours of experience in the BACB ® Independent Fieldwork requirement.


    Paid Internships available in Orange County up to 30 hours – please contact info@coahs-edu.org or Dr. Michael Reid 805-691-9367 if interested. Placement in internship positions is immediately available. Remember you must be enrolled in the 4th Edition Task List Course sequence before you can start accumulating your independent fieldwork.


  • Getting Started

    To get started, you can enroll directly below, or contact us for further information.

    Program Director: Dr Carolyn Baham
    Phone Direct: 805-691-9658
    Email: cbaham@coahs-edu.org 

    If you enroll directly below, you will be contacted confirming arrangements. If you have any questions once enrolled, please don't hesitate to contact the program director using one of the above methods.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    I can confirm that I am currently enrolled in approved BCBA 4th Edition Task List coursework
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