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    This self paced, online course meets the BCAT Task List and Content Areas as follows and the estimated amount of time on each topic area. This guideline can be used to fill out the BCAT Training Requirements (BICC Relevant Training Form).


    • 9 hours - Autism Spectrum Disorder (knowledge of core deficits, evidence-based treatment, seminal research)
    • 10 hours - Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • 10 hours - Skill Acquisition (DTT, NET, Caregiver training, etc) 
    • 5 hours - Reduction of Problem Behavior
    • 3 hours - Data Collection
    • 3 hours - Ethical and Legal Considerations 


    Please contact cbaham@coahs-edu.org for bulk pricing. No contracts necessary. 



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    This is an online self pace distance learning course.

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