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    Behavior Technician Level One (BTL1) Certificate Renewal - Any Individual delivering ABA Services under the supervision of a qualified supervisor is required to revalidate their certificate of completion every three years under these conditions: 1. Currently employed by an entity delivering Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment and Support to Individuals diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities. 2. The employing agency and the individual are using the BTL1 as a credentialing and/or training mechanism to meet regulatory guidelines for behavior technicians delivering services. The purpose of revalidation is to ensure individuals are being clinically supervised as outlined by the Behavior Technician Training and Credentialing Council (BTTEC Council) and to ensure individuals have the current information regarding evidenced based treatments, law and ethics, and service delivery as a behavior technician.
  • Method of Delivery

    This in an online, self pace distance learning course.
    This program is delivered in an asynchronous and synchronous manner. Instructor is available through email, chat and via the embedded Mentor System.
    Instructor: Michael Weinberg, PhD, BCBA-D.  
  • Program Requirements

    1. Training must be completed within a 180-day period
    2. Prior completion of the BTL1 coursework and quizzes (instructional aides) at a 90% criteria pass rate
    3. Prior completion and pass scoring of the Instructor-led exercises
    4. Prior completion of the final exam at a 72.67% pass rate
    5. Recommendation
    6. Verification of 15 hours of on the job training within the last two years
    7. Agree to the Terms and Conditions including placement on the public registry
    8. Complete online survey
    9. Unlock Certificate of Completion

  • Eligibility Requirements

    1. I can verify that I have a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent
    2. I can verify that I am at least 18 years old.
    3. I agree that if my course or program tuition is being paid for by my employer, CoAHS can provide the following information should the employer request it:
      • Identifying information
      • Progress measures
      • Academic Transcript
    4. I agree that upon completion I can be put on the Behavior Technician public registry
    5. I agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions
    6. I agree to the Conduct Code for Behavior Technician Level One Certificate Holders
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