Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Courses

A career in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with regard to autism services requires specific skills and certifications. 

In collaboration with Brandman University, the College of Applied Human Services (CoAHS) "ABA Fundamentals" and "ABA Associates" programs are both approved coursework for the ABA Technician and Qualified Autism Services Practitioner credentials.

These two programs form the first of four tiered programs designed to meet industry standards and current Autism Bills (SB 946 in California, and the similar legislation passed in some 34 other States).

The new legislation has left many service providers and practitioners having to find solutions for developing their workforce so that services continue to be delivered by qualified professionals and paraprofessionals while ensuring the integrity of ABA practice.

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  • ABA001: ABA Fundamentals Program

    Training hours: 30.0

    Avg. Student Rating:
    Based on 425 course completion surveys

    This program is equivalent to 30 contact hours. This program meets 30 of the 45 required coursework hours for the ABA Technician Credential coursework requirements and will prepare candidates with a strong basic foundation in the basic concepts and principles of applied behavior analysis within the context of Autism treatment. This course is intended for workforce development to address an immediate broad service need. This course provides the foundation for the next steps in advanced education and training in ABA and Autism.

  • ABA002: ABA Associates Program

    Training hours: 120.0

    Avg. Student Rating:
    Based on 127 course completion surveys

    This program is equivalent to 120 contact hours and was previously titled as the "Qualified Autism Services Practitioner (QASP)" program. This coursework meets partial requirements for the QASP Credential coursework. Additional 60 hours of coursework are required including 3 hours of Ethics. Participants will learn about and understand Autism Spectrum Disorders and applied behavior analysis and will earn a certificate of completion for the ABA Associates program from the College of Applied Human Services.