What is the Behavior Technician Level One Certificate Program (BTL1)? 

The BTL1 is an ANSI Accredited certificate program designed to prepare candidates with a strong basic foundation in the basic concepts and principles of applied behavior analysis within the context of Autism treatment and Person Centered approaches. This training program is intended for workforce development to address an immediate broad service need. This course provides the foundation for the next steps in advanced education and training in ABA and Autism.  Four hours of this program are focused on Ethics and Professional Behavior.

 What is the difference between the BTL1 and the RBT and BCAT? 

The RBT and BCAT are certifications which an individual must be predetermined eligibility criteria and then pass a certification exam.

The BTL1 is a certificate program which is designed to provide the person in the role of behavior technician to be “job ready” by completing the following:

  • Must be 18 yrs or older
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Government Issued ID Verification
  • Recommendation
  • Current or past employer
  • Mentor
  • Teacher, or Instructor
  • 45 hours of Online Coursework
  • Completion of 4 Instructor Led Exercises
  • Verification of 15 hour of work experience or on the job training
  • Pass the Final Assessment at 72.67%
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Placement on the Public Registry
  • Certificate of Completion

 What are the advantages of using the BTL1? 

  1. Accessible – Online, Self-paced, enroll any time - Point of hire to point of reimbursable services can average between 10-14 days.
  2. Affordable – Introductory tuition starts $200 for an individual with bulk discounts available depending on provider budget.
  3. Legally Defensible – Reduces risks for employers, providers, districts, payers because it has a third party oversight and accreditation which ensures training is based on predetermined industry standards and final assessment is psychometrically sound.
  4. Easy, simple, immediate Implementation – The program is immediately accessible for groups or individuals. 
  5. Comprehensive - Meets many state and regulatory training requirements including RBT, BCAT and ABAT training requirements.
  6. Evidenced –Based - Content is based on an extensive job analysis of those individuals providing ABA and Autism treatment and support to those diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities.
  7. Scalable – Ability to train new hires on an as needed basis as well as whole teams to ensure services have a critical mass of qualified well trained behavior technicians.  The system allows unprecedented administrative reporting and management tools.
  8. Autism and ABA specific – This program targets those people in the job role of a behavior technician which are usually the least paid, least educated, providing over 80% of the direct ABA services to individuals and yet have the highest turnover rate per job.
  9. Values Based – The training program includes such critical factors in delivering services such as understanding advocacy, person-centered planning, cultural awareness and self determination.
  10. Measureable Outcomes – Use the quality indicators to track your individualized performance outcomes.
  11. 24/7 Support and helpdesk – We manage all helpdesk and support issues for all users.  There is no need for additional organization support to handle questions or challenges with the training.
  12. Sector Driven – There is an oversight committee for this training program consisting of all stakeholders (payers, providers, trainees, parents, professionals, regulatory bodies, individuals diagnosed with Autism) Through our years of research on the impact of online training for paraprofessionals we expect this program to have the following impacts: 
  • Reduces Turnover rate by giving these individuals the tools they need to do the job
  • Creates a career path for those individuals wanting to pursue license or certification
  • Professionalizes the workforce of the behavior technician
  • Creates an environment where individuals have sustainable learning outcomes creating stability in the implementation of treatment and behavior support plans
  • Creates job satisfaction because individuals feel prepared to do a good job
  • Creates motivation because individuals can see the impact of the implementation of treatment strategies and support to the individual with Autism
  • Creates an overall competent, committed, and effective workforce

 What does it cost? 

  • Bulk Discounts are available for multiple staff
  • Will work within Provider Budgets

 Who oversees the program? 

The BTL1 Certificate Program is managed by the Innovative Learning’s Oversight Committee.  The Oversight Committee consists of all stakeholders including parents, individual with Autism, practitioners, providers, Certificate Holders, IL Management Staff and SMEs. The Oversight Committee manages all aspects of the Certificate Program through the Certificate Plan which consists of:

  • Job Analysis
  • Content
  • Instructional Aides
  • Instructional Design Documents
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Grievances and Appeals
  • Final Examination
    • Item Development
    • Item Analysis
    • Cut Score
  • Issuance of Certificate of Completion
  • Accreditation Compliance
  • BT Registry

 Who do I contact about the program? 


Dr. Carolyn Baham

ABA Program Director,
College of Human Services,
Innovative Learning LLC
Direct Line: 805-691-9658 Main Office: 805-691-9367

Vicki Moeller M.A.

Chief Operations Officer Innovative Learning LLC
Direct Line: 805-895-4535 Main Office: 805- 691-9367

How do I verify if a Behavior Technician is a BTL1 and their Certificate of Completion is valid?

Due to the fact that any certificate, as a hard copy document, can be replicated or counterfeited via a variety of technological means, the certificate itself should never be solely relied upon as the means of verification.

  1. The College of Applied Human Services and the Behavior Technician Oversight Committee has the view that verification of authenticity is the responsibility of multiple parties including:
    1. The Oversight Committee
    2. The BTL1 Certificate Holder
    3. An employer
    4. Any other stakeholder potentially seeking the services of the BTL 1 and 2
  2. There are three key mechanisms by which an individual can be verified as holding a Behavior Technician Level One Certificate:
    1. An individual can order an "official" copy of their certificate, upon which is an embossed seal only obtainable from Innovative Learning LLC.
    2. A public registry is freely available online so that any invested individual or party can verify the authenticity and good standing of a Behavior Technician Level One Certificate.
    3. Each Certificate issued has a unique identifying number that can be verified on the public registry.
  3. Public Registry:  http://www.coahs-edu.org/m/4Registry/Behavior-Technician-Registry or go to coahs-edu.org and the registry tab is at the top of the page.  This is a primary source of verification.