State of Idaho DHW mandated training requirements

"Under the Medicaid enhanced plan benefits 16.03.10 effective July 1, 2011, in order to qualify to provide Habilitative Intervention services under the newly redesigned Children's Benefits the State of Idaho requires additional training to be completed by June 30, 2013 for current DS and IBI providers" Consult your organizations administrator or the rules.**


07. Continuing Training Requirements for Professionals. Each professional providing waiver services must complete at least twelve (12) hours of yearlytraining, six (6) hours of which must cover behavior methodology or interventions shown to be effective. If the individual has not completed the required training duringany yearly training period, he may not provide waiver services beginning with the anniversary date of the following period, and thereafter, until the required number of training hours have accumulated. As training hours accumulate, they will be accounted first to any training deficient prior yearly period before being applied to the current annualtraining period. Training hours may not be earned in a current annual training period to be applied to a future trainingperiod. 

Since the certification is for two years, 12 hours will be required for each year of your Certificate of Completion totaling 24 hours of training. Renewal Application

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Program enrollment is ongoing and courses begin at the time of enrollment. There is no specified date to begin the course work and registrants have 90 days to complete the self-paced courses.

Option 1: Stand Alone Courses***

Tuition per course: $395

Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis …Learn more & Enroll Now>>

Early Childhood & Human Development …Learn more & Enroll Now>>

Learning Theory …Learn more & Enroll Now>>



Option 2: Habilitative Interventionist Full Program***

Tuition: $900

For learners who need all three of the required courses this is the most cost effective option. The Habilitative Interventionist Program includes each required course as described in Option 1; ABA, ECHD, & LT.  …Learn more & Enroll Now>>

Instructor Led Exercises


Completion of these instructor led exercises is a requirement for all candidates enrolling on or after January 25th 2013 and is made available using the CoAHS "Mentor System". The Mentor system is designed to enhance the learning and understanding of specific concepts and requires candidates to interact with instructors in a structured environment through specific exercises designed to enhance the course material based on an individual candidate’s needs …Learn More>>



Professional Development Credit Available …Learn More>>

Professional Development Credit NOT required for the Habilitative Interventionist application to the State of Idaho.


Program Director: Shannon Miles


Telephone (Idaho): +1-208-761-7677

**All Habilitative Intervention providers must first submit an application to the State of Idaho and receive notification of approval from the State of Idaho before providing Habiltiative Intervention services. Habilitative Interventionist Application Information

Applications to be submitted to the State of Idaho:

Ages 0-3 

Ages 3-17 

Submit the application to FACS DD:
*Preferred* Scan and Email to:
or Mail to: Idaho DHW, FACS DD, 450 W. State St. 5th
Floor, Boise, ID 83720-0036; or
Fax to: (208) 332-7331
Phone: 208-334-5512

***The State of Idaho has provided confirmation in writing to the College of Applied Human Services/Innovative Learning acknowledging that three organizations have coursework that meets the guidelines as well as a competency testing component. The College of Applied Human Services/Innovative Learning, is one of these three that has been acknowledged. The coursework exceeds the required competencies and was developed specifically to meet and exceed the needs of the Habilitative Interventionist in the State of Idaho.


Qualifications for Habilitative Interventionist role include a BA in a Human Services field, one year supervised experience and the completion of the competency course work listed below available in& our certificate programs. 
Consult your organizations administrator or the rules.