For those students who have taken courses as part of the 4th Edition BCBA Course sequence each of the above courses are also offered as standalone courses. Please refer to our content grid when determining which courses are still needed to meet QBA coursework requirements. While we can assist in mapping the courses a student has previously completed the QABA Credentialing Board will need to make the final determination on approving a student's coursework.

EDNU9060QBA: Principles and Characteristics of Behavior ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

EDNU9061QBA: Behavioral Assessment, Implementation, Management & Supervision ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

EDNU9062QBA: Experimental Evaluation, Intervention & Behavior Change Considerations ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

EDNU9063QBA: Behavior Change Procedures & Systems Supports ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

EDNU9064QBA: Ethics and Professional Conduct for Behavior Analysts ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

QBA Certificate Program ...Learn more & Enroll Now>>

This certificate program consists of the QBA Pre-approved 6 course series. Each course is equivalent to 45 hours and 3 credits. The QBA Certificate Program is equivalent to 270 classroom hours. Each course has been approved through our partner Brandman University for 3 graduate professional development credits for those who need the credit hours.

  1. 070 Autism Spectrum Disorders, Specific Treatment Strategies and Ethical Considerations
  2. EDNU9060: Principles and Characteristics of Behavior
  3. EDNU9061: Behavioral Assessment, Implementation, Management and Supervision
  4. EDNU9062: Experimental Evaluation, Intervention and Behavior Change Considerations
  5. EDNU9063: Behavior Change Procedures and Systems Support
  6. EDNU9064: Ethics and Professional Conduct for Behavior Analysts