What is the Registered Behavior Technician Training?                           

This RBT Training specifically meets the Idaho Habilitative Intervention Certification RBT option. Idaho Habilitative Intervention Certification option permits any of the following three; Registered Behavior Technicians, the RBT training with Competency Assessment or the three-course series (including Principles of ABA, Learning Theory, and Early Childhood Development)


The State of Idaho application states they accept the following education options:


  • A Registered Behavior Technician (which requires the coursework, competency assessment and exam)
  • RBT training with Competency Assessment 
  • Original HI three courses (Principles of ABA, Learning Theory and Early Childhood and Human Development.


This course is a certificate training program designed to prepare candidates with a strong foundation in the basic concepts and principles of applied behavior analysis. This training program is intended for workforce development to address the immediate need for training towards the RBT specific to Idaho organizations. Four hours of this program are focused on Ethics and Professional Behavior.


Below is the link to RBT Task List through the BACB which states the assessment must be completed by a BCBA with 8 hours of supervisor's training:

RBT Task List


*This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician Task List and is designed to meet or exceed the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. The program is offered independent of the BACB.


Review the BACB information on the RBT


 RBT Training for Idaho Habilitative Intervention certification               

To meet the needs of the Idaho Habilitative Intervention Certification the RBT training meets the basic training requirements of the RBT task list and then the paraprofessional can be observed for the Competency Assessment through an external BCBA Supervisor.


The RBT Training applies towards the BACB RBT. To become a Registered Behavior Technician the 40-hour training is required, applicants are then required to complete a Competency Assessment and Exam.


 What does it cost?                                                                                        

  • $145 for individual purchase, $90 for organization purchases
  • Bulk Discounts are available for organizations purchasing 15 or more.
  • Will work within Provider budgets.



  • Bulk Rates: beginning at $90 for individual course purchases through organizations
  • No fee for refund for course incompletion (less than 50% completed and requested within 30 days of enrollment)
  • Meets RBT training requirements
  • On Demand, Same Day Implementation
  • Improved Performance Outcomes
  • Legally Defensible
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Costs


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 What are the advantages of using the RBT Training?                            

  1. Affordable: $145 for an individual, organization single purchase rate at $90 and bulk discounts available for organization purchases.
  2. Accessible: Online, Self-paced, enroll any time.
  3. Legally Defensible: Reduces risks for employers, providers, districts, payers because it has a third-party oversight which ensures training is based on predetermined industry standards and final assessment is psychometrically sound.
  4. Easy, simple, immediately accessible for groups or individuals. 
  5. Comprehensive: Meets training requirements including RBT training requirements.
  6. Evidenced-Based Content is based on an extensive job analysis of those individuals providing ABA and Autism treatment and support to those diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities.
  7. Scalable: Ability to train new hires on an as needed basis as well as whole teams to ensure services have a critical mass of qualified well-trained behavior technicians.  The system allows unprecedented administrative reporting and management tools.
  8. Values Based: The training program includes such critical factors in delivering services such as understanding advocacy, person-centered planning, cultural awareness, and self-determination.
  9. Measurable Outcomes: Use the quality indicators to track your individualized performance outcomes.
  10. Support and helpdesk: We manage all helpdesk and support issues for all users. There is no need for additional organization support to handle questions or challenges with the training.
  11. Sector Driven: Through our years of research on the impact of online training for paraprofessionals we expect this program to have the following impacts: 
  • Reduces Turnover rate by giving these individuals the tools they need to do the job
  • Creates a career path for those individuals wanting to pursue license or certification
  • Professionalizes the workforce of the behavior technician
  • Creates an environment where individuals have sustainable learning outcomes creating stability in the implementation of treatment and behavior support plans
  • Creates job satisfaction because individuals feel prepared to do a good job
  • Creates motivation because individuals can see the impact of the implementation of treatment strategies and support to the individual with Autism
  • Creates an overall competent, committed, and effective workforce


 Who do I contact about the program?                                                   


Shannon Miles, LMFT

Program Director / Adjunct Faculty


College of Applied Human Services, Innovative Learning LLC



Direct Line: 208-761-7677