The BTEC Council

We are excited to announce in accordance to the new ANSI standards (E2659-18) our new advisory group is now the Behavior Technician Education and Credentialing Council formally known as our oversight committee.

The BTEC Council meets the requirements as defined by the American National Standards Institute under Designation: E2659-18, the Standard Practice for Certificate Programs for the Oversight Committee.

The purpose of the BTEC Council shall advise certificate program management on issues integral to ensuring the certificate is current, relevant, and valuable to its primary stakeholders.

The BTEC Council provides input into, at minimum, the certificate program (1) target audience, (2) purpose, (3) scope, (4) requisites, (5) term, (6) intended learning outcomes, and (7) instructional design plan. 

The BTEC Council convenes at a minimum quarterly to advise certificate program management, at minimum, (1) when the elements of are initially created or when changes are proposed, and (2) when a program evaluation is conducted


BTEC Council Members

​The BTEC Council represents a balance of interests and expertise:
  • Dr. Michael Weinberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D: Clinical Subject Matter Expert,  Faculty, Clinical Supervisor
  • Carolyn Baham, Ph.D.: ABA Program Director, Psychometrician
  • Pam  Macdonnold: BTL1
  • Juan Carlos: Technology  and Design
  • Kathleen Reed: Parent and Advocate
  • Vicki Moeller, MA: Credentialing and Accreditation

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