Professional Development Credits now Available

CoAHS programs are now eligible for Professional Development Credits upon completion of all program requirements.

Who provides the credits?

Brandman University has changed its name to University of Massachusetts Global

CoAHS has partnered with University of Massachusetts Global so that learners can apply for Professional Development Credits when completing our Programs. UMass Global is a non-profit affiliate of University of Massachusetts. They deliver the academic excellence of a traditional university through innovative courses designed for working students.

When should I apply for credit?

UMass Global accepts applications for credit for courses completed within one year of application. If you have credits completed outside of this time frame please contact Shannon Miles (, LMFT for all Idaho programs and Dr. Carolyn Baham ( for all general programs including BCBA and Behavior Technician programs.

How much do the credits cost?

Each credit costs $70. As an example, for a program worth 8 credits, the total cost of the credits is $560.

Why are the credits not included in the original price of the program?

Not all candidates completing a program require or want professional development credits. By separating the cost of credits out, people can decide whether they want or need them.

How do I claim the credits?

To claim your Professional Development Credits, simply download the form that corresponds to the completed program by selecting it from the list below. Once downloaded, complete it and fax or mail it to the address or fax number found at the top of the form.

Credits are NOT required to submit applications to the State of Idaho for Habilitative Intervention Certification. The Certificate of Completion serves as proof of completion.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certification Programs

EDNU9071: Behavior Technician Level 1

EDNU9072: Behavior Technician Level 2

EDNU9795: Autism Services Practitioner Certificate Program

ABA001: ABA Fundamentals Program

ABA002: ABA Associates Program

Other Programs

Traumatic Brain Injury Program

Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Certificate in Early Childhood Studies