Course Attestation Form Necessary for BCBA Bridge Course Students


Students who plan on using EDNU9069 (bridge course) towards their total course hours in their BCBA certification exam application must also submit a BACB Course Content Attestation Form with their application. Here is how to do it. 

  1. Download the form.
  2. Complete the student portion of the form.
  3. Download unofficial transcript from Brandman University.
  4. Download course syllabus.
  5. Send the following forms to Dr. Weinberg at
    1. ​Course Content Attestation Form for EDNU9069.
    2. Unofficial transcript showing you completed EDNU9069.
    3. Course syllabus for EDNU9069.
  6. ​Once the signed form is received from Dr. Weinberg, send both the form and the course syllabus to the BACB as part of your certification exam application.